How to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly

You can apply liquid eyeliner perfectly from this tutorial. Proper use of your eyeliner can not only make your eyes bigger but also make your eyelashes beautiful. now follow these four simple steps below:

Hold the brush flat

First, shake the eyeliner tube well so that the formula is pleasant and smooth. The most important thing for the perfect application of the eyeliner is to keep the brush flat. If you enter with the right brush, it becomes a little dirty.

Start in the middle

Get as close as possible to the lash line and start in the middle while pulling towards the outer corners. Use the excess product to cover inside corners.

Create the wing

Follow the bottom line of your eyelashes and lift a wing. This step helps you make sure your food is the same.

Add some lash

You can use fake or apply a few layers of mascara on the eyelashes to complete the look.

Applying liquid eyeliner and some mistakes

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​the method to apply in a few steps to apply liquid eyeliner to perfection, here are some tips and advice for eyeliners particularly useful for beginners.

1.  When buying an eyeliner, be sure to use water and stain-resistant eyeliner to prevent it from dripping from your face by mid-day, especially if you use it on the eyelash line lower.

2. If your hands are shaking a lot, try the following: Sit down and place your elbow on a table or a flat surface. Now place your little finger on the cheek and hit the food. This technique helps stabilize your hand and requires fewer mistakes.

3. You can draw dots or dashes and connect them slowly if you are not familiar with a liquid eyeliner.

4. Curl your eyelashes before applying food to prevent the eyelid from getting dirty.

5. To make sure your wings are even, place a dot on the outside corner of each eye before using your liquid liner to align the sides.

6. If you have small eyes, do not put all your eye. It closes them and makes them look smaller.

7.  Always start with fine lines. You can increase the thickness to match the other eye.

8.  A small primer or corrector with a Q-Tip can go a long way in eliminating errors or mistakes.

9. Do not pull too hard on the eye when drawing the eyeliner. When you release it, it creates a weird and lumpy texture. Instead, try to anchor your skin with your fingers.

10.  You can also use duct tape to enhance the appearance of an infallible cat eye.

11. A space between the lashes and the lining does not look flattering. To avoid this, use an eye pencil and try to draw the line as close as possible to the tabs.

12.  It is important to adjust the eyeliner so that it is not transferred to the lid. Let your eyeliner dry and apply some translucent powder to repair it. This prevents it from breaking, transferring, and contaminating.

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