Women style with purses and handbags

Handbags and purses both are the most functional accessories in our daily life. Some are very useful for women style. They contain all of our everyday items, protect valuables and other items from bad weather, damage and theft and, in most cases, help to complete our neat appearance.

But today, more than ever, we are overwhelmed by so many options that there seems to be an infinity of options between styles and prices. But we are here to help. Here is our guide to the only bags you need, with cheap options. And a note from the publisher before launch: the prices listed were correct at the time of publication, so you should ask the seller the most recent budget costs.

There is some popular handbags and purses idea for women style below:

Leather bag

This is an essential work exchange. A medium to large bag with a handle on the top, in which almost anything can be stored, z. For example, your pocketbook or tablet (and your makeup kit). Try to choose a neutral leather, such as black or brown medium to dark, to avoid stains and stains, because who has poured the morning coffee into your bag? Also, try to stay away from the bags with a lot of material or logos as they may date your bag.

Shoulder Bag

As we all know, this bag gives you a lot of freedom of movement and keeps your belongings always out of the way. It looks much more elegant than a backpack. A good shoulder strap has a sturdy strap that can be adjusted with a front flap that’s easy to maneuver. It should not be too heavy and medium: going too small and it will not be very functional, too big and can overwhelm you.

The clutch of the afternoon

Most of us will eventually need a night brood. Why wait for the end of a grand and elegant event? The most timeless (and versatile) style you can have is a plain black satin or gold or silver metal pouch. It’s a bag that should be as seasonal as possible because you want to keep it for years and use it for any event. If you want a little shine, choose one with a jewel in the closure. This seems more classic and durable and can be easily combined with everything.

Basket of straw

During the warmer months, the straw basket can be your ideal bag. It is an ideal bag for the summer and can and must be a little more playful than its other bags (colored pompons). Bring sandwiches and a beach towel with friends or everyday objects when you go to work.

The Jane Birkin style icon made the straw basket famous in the 1970s when it became his bag well before Hermes made a bag in his honor, The Birkin.

The day clutch

An orderly and personalized daypack is a fantastic option if you are concerned about the input and output data. Small bags are cute and light, but in general, there can be more than a lipstick and a smartphone. Try to choose a bag with several pockets and a small size so you can carry the essentials with you. This is one of those bags you can have fun with – you do not have to spend a lot on this style, so try playing with different materials and colors.

Medium shoulder bag

The shoulder bags are elegant and refined while being sporty and a perfect addition to everyday life. Rich leather or textured suede is perfect, but even canvas storage in the summer can be perfect for a lightweight, weather-resistant look. The options for this type vary considerably, so much so that it’s worth it depending on your style, your tastes, and your budget.

Color bags

Yes, black is always the new black (except orange), but sometimes you have to enjoy the colors (especially if it can affect your mood). A great way to use a color bag is not to combine it with your clothes, but to choose a hue with the opposite color spectrum that you use to create a contrast.

If you use a lot of camels and moles, try a yellow or red bag. If you often wear red, try a bag in light blue tones. It does not seem intuitive, but it works. And, of course, you can still use color to share black, navy and white.

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