Best Terrific Theme Garden Ideas

In case you are unfamiliar with themed gardens, let me introduce you to this fun way to grow. Theme gardens are unique places where all elements have one purpose. In other words, it is a garden where each plant fits into a specific theme. Accessories and decorative items such as containers, plant stands, statues, and other accents also go well with the theme.

While general theme gardens such as herb, vegetable, or cutting gardens have been around for a long time, actual theme gardens take the concept one step further and fill an even more specific niche. The growing popularity of fairytale gardens, even among non-gardeners, is an indicator of how themed gardens can spark the interest of almost anyone.

Best Theme Garden Ideas

To help you create your own themed garden, we published a list of my favorite themed garden ideas.

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Burrito Garden

While a pizzeria or salad garden is a fun addition to the landscape, at my place we prefer our burrito garden. Burritos are my husband’s favorite food so we have a burrito-themed raised garden that produces fresh ingredients for his favorite food. We grow cilantro, black beans, spinach (the shrimp and spinach burritos are amazing by the way), peppers, onions, cumin, and tomatoes. I haven’t figured out how to grow my own rice yet, but I’m working on it!

Sports Garden

To develop this cool theme, you need to go to the thrift store. Stick the old golf clubs to the ground and let your beans wrap around them. Use a recycled soccer net to keep tangled cucumbers and melons in place, and use reused hockey sticks like tomato stakes. You can also cut old basketballs and soccer balls in half, cut out a few drainage holes in the ground with a utility knife, and use annuals to plant them in your favorite team colors.

Lemonade Garden

This garden theme contains the ingredients you will need to make your own lemonade. Gardeners in Deep Southern California and other citrus-growing areas can grow their own lemons in this garden. But you might be surprised to learn that even northern gardeners can grow their own lemons for making homemade lemonade, although they will likely need to be supplemented with extras from the grocery store. Meyer lemons in particular are good for wrapping. But even if you don’t grow your own lemons, there are plenty of delicious things you can grow to spice up store-bought lemonade.

Grow lemon balm and lemon verbena to give your lemonade that extra kick. Stevia, to naturally sweeten the drink; Peppermint for making mint lemonade; Blueberries to create an amazing blueberry lemonade; Violets for making lavender lemonade with violets; and pineapple sage to add a whole new dimension to your house dressing.

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Kids Rain Garden

While the term “rain garden” generally means a garden designed to absorb rainwater from downspouts, this rain garden is a little different. This themed garden is a place to relax for children on rainy days. As a kid, I loved playing outside during the summer rains, and a children’s rain garden like this would have been my mecca! Topics to include in this topic include inverted umbrellas filled with potting soil and planted with kid-friendly plants like baby tears, lambs’ ears, strawberries, and pansies.

Colorful rain boots need to be filled with soil and tree seeds. Leave a large, empty indent in the ground to jump into a mud puddle and grow a sunflower house for shelter. Do you grow a themed garden yourself? Share your ideas with us!

Herbal Tea Garden

If you are an herbal tea drinker, this themed garden is for you! Pineapple sage, peppermint, stevia, lemongrass, chamomile, lemon verbena, and rose hips are must-haves for this themed garden. For a fun accent, use glue to join the old teacups and saucers together, then place them on the hardwood stakes and place them in the garden, filling them with birdseed. The herbs you grow in your tea garden can be used fresh or dried for the winter.

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