Cabbage Companion Plants | 33 Good And Bad Companion Plants For Cabbage

Cabbage companion plants. Companion planting is a time-venerated gardening technique that involves strategically planting extraordinary crops collectively to benefit their boom and standard health. One such pairing that has been demonstrated to be especially fine is cabbage companion planting. Cabbage, a popular vegetable regarded for its versatility and dietary cost, thrives when surrounded by unique accomplice plant life that provides mutual assistance and safety. These companion plant life can assist deter pests, decorating soil fertility, or even enhancing the flavor and yield of the cabbage crop.

Cabbage Companion Plants

By means of expertise in the standards of cabbage partner planting, gardeners can create harmonious plant groups that promote the properly-being of their cabbage vegetation and create a thriving lawn atmosphere. In this article, we will explore a number of the maximum useful partner flowers for cabbage and the advantages they bring about to the overall lawn surroundings.

Good Companion Plants For Cabbage

Partner planting is a valuable approach that can notably enhance the growth and energy of our liked cabbage vegetation. by using cautiously selecting and cultivating specific accomplice flowers, we can create a thriving garden environment that now not best deters pests but additionally improves soil fitness and enhances the flavor and yield of our cabbage crop.

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In this weblog submission, we are able to discover the advantages of incorporating 26 various companion plants alongside our cabbage, unveiling the secrets to a flourishing and harmonious garden.


Beets are first-rate companions for cabbage, acting as natural repellents against cabbage aphids whilst concurrently enriching the soil with their taproots.


Introducing dill to our cabbage patch draws beneficial bugs like wasps and ladybugs, which can be fierce predators of cabbage pests inclusive of aphids and caterpillars.


Besides adding a sensitive contact to your lawn, chamomile acts as a herbal deterrent against pests, while enhancing the taste of neighboring cabbages.


Cabbage Companion Plants
Cabbage Companion Plants

The tall and leafy presence of celery gives plenty-wished coloration for cabbage flora during warm summertime days, lowering warmth strain. moreover, celery acts as a partner in deterring cabbage worms.

Cabbage Companion Plants Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are pretty powerful trap vegetation, diverting aphids far away from cabbages and attracting them to their colorful blooms as an alternative.


Planting onions close to cabbages serves as a protective shield, repelling aphids, moths, and maggots that could in any other case damage our treasured cabbages.


Garlic’s pungent aroma wards off an extensive range of pests, including aphids, cabbage loopers, and cabbage maggots.


Through cultivating carrots along cabbages, we no longer most effective advantage from a bountiful harvest of nutritious crops but also improve soil structure and provide a habitat for beneficial insects.


The vibrant marigold vegetation now not simplest adds beauty to the garden but additionally deters nematodes, cabbage worms, and different harmful pests that could otherwise ravage our cabbage crop.

Sage – Cabbage Companion Plants

Sage flora act as herbal repellents against cabbage moths and cabbage loopers, making sure our cabbages remain covered.


Much like sage, rosemary repels cabbage flies and cabbage loopers, safeguarding the health of our cabbage flora.


Thyme’s fragrant foliage not best adds taste to our culinary creations but additionally helps repel cabbage worms and cabbage loopers.


Borage’s lovely blue flora attracts bees and other pollinators whilst simultaneously deterring cabbage worms.


Mint, with its sturdy fragrance, acts as a herbal repellent against cabbage moths and flea beetles, safeguarding our cabbage crop.

Cabbage Companion Plants Catnip

Now not handiest loved by using our tom cat pals, catnip also draws beneficial bugs that prey on cabbage pests, making sure a healthier cabbage garden.


Fennel is a super accomplice plant that attracts useful insects even enhancing the taste and boom of cabbage.


The presence of tansy repels cabbage worms, aphids, and ants, offering safety to our cabbage flora.


Yarrow’s sensitive blooms attract predatory insects that feed on cabbage pests, making it a tremendous accomplice for our cabbage crop.


The vibrant orange and yellow flowers of calendula no longer only upload a cheerful touch to our garden but also act as herbal deterrents in opposition to pests, including aphids and caterpillars.

Zinnia – Cabbage Companion Plants

By planting zinnias near our cabbage patch, we now not only create a visually stunning show but additionally appeal to butterflies, which are useful resources in pollination and make a contribution to an improved cabbage harvest.


The towering presence of sunflowers gives good deal-wished color and helps cabbage vegetation, making sure they thrive in warm weather.


Tomato flora act as herbal repellents towards cabbage worms whilst providing coloration and help for cabbage plant life.


The sensitive leaves of cilantro entice useful insects, which assist manage pests, and additionally make contributions to the general health of the soil.

Cabbage Companion Plants Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts, being near a family of cabbage, may be planted alongside them, as they have similar growing requirements and gain from each other’s presence.


Kohlrabi, every other member of the cabbage circle of relatives, is an excellent companion for cabbage plant life, as they share comparable desires and might thrive collectively.


Introducing beans to our cabbage patch improves soil fertility by using fixing nitrogen, presenting a nutrient improvement for our cabbage crop.

Cabbage Companion Plants Chart

The cabbage companion plants chart is given below tables:

SerialCompanion PlantsBenefits
1BeetsHelp repel cabbage aphids while improving soil structure and nutrient levels.
2DillAttracts beneficial insects like wasps and ladybugs, which prey on cabbage pests.
3ChamomileEnhances cabbage’s flavor and acts as a natural deterrent against pests.
4CeleryProvides shade to cabbage plants and can help deter cabbage worms.
5NasturtiumActs as a trap crop, attracting aphids away from cabbage plants.
6OnionsRepel cabbage pests such as aphids, moths, and maggots.
7GarlicDeters aphids, cabbage loopers, and cabbage maggots.
8CarrotsHelp break up the soil and provide beneficial habitat for beneficial insects.
9MarigoldRepel nematodes, cabbage worms, and other harmful pests.
10SageRepels cabbage moths and cabbage loopers.
11RosemaryRepels cabbage flies and cabbage loopers.
12ThymeHelps repel cabbage worms and cabbage loopers.
13BorageAttracts bees and other pollinators while deterring cabbage worms.
14MintRepels cabbage moths and flea beetles.
15CatnipAttracts beneficial insects that prey on cabbage pests.
16FennelAttracts beneficial insects and improves the flavor of cabbage.
17TansyRepels cabbage worms, aphids, and ants.
18YarrowAttracts predatory insects that feed on cabbage pests.
19CalendulaDeters pests and adds a splash of color to the garden.
20ZinniaAttracts butterflies, which help with pollination and add beauty to the garden.
21SunflowersProvide shade and support for cabbage plants.
22TomatoesRepel cabbage worms and provide shade for cabbage during hot weather.
23CilantroAttracts beneficial insects and improves soil health.
24Brussels sproutsCan be planted alongside cabbage as they have similar growing requirements.
25KohlrabiCan be grown together with cabbage, as they belong to the same family and have similar needs.
26BeansImprove soil fertility by fixing nitrogen, benefiting cabbage plants.

Bad Companion Plants For Cabbage

At the same time as companion planting may be distinctly useful for cabbage, it is important to be aware of vegetation that could have poor interactions or hinder the boom of cabbage. here are a few flowers that can be normally considered awful companions for cabbage.


Strawberries have similar growing necessities as cabbage, inclusive of the need for ample daylight and properly-drained soil. but, planting them together can lead to competition for assets, ensuing in decreased increase and yield for both plants.


Although tomatoes can repel some pests that affect cabbage, they may be susceptible to comparable illnesses and might entice not unusual pests like aphids and whiteflies. Planting them collectively can increase the danger of spreading illnesses and pest infestations.

Pole Beans

Whilst bush beans may be useful partners for cabbage, pole beans tend to be more lively and can overshadow cabbage flowers, limiting their access to sunlight and stunting their boom.


Strawflowers have recognition for inhibiting the boom of close-by plant life, inclusive of cabbage. They release chemicals that could inhibit seed germination and root development, negatively affecting the overall health of cabbage plant life.


Even as kohlrabi is a close relative of cabbage, planting them collectively can result in overcrowding, opposition for resources, and restrained area for both crops to develop and develop well.


Whilst dill is typically considered a beneficial accomplice for cabbage, it may have damaging effects while planted in immoderate quantities. it may appeal to cabbage pests like cabbage aphids and cabbage white butterflies if no longer cautiously controlled.

Cabbage family plants

Planting a couple of cabbage circles of relatives’ flora, including Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower, in near proximity can create a conducive environment for pests and sicknesses that have an effect on the complete circle of relatives. it is advisable to preserve the right spacing and rotate those crops to decrease the threat.

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Note, understand that those plants’ compatibility with cabbage may also range depending on factors consisting of garden vicinity, soil situations, and specific cultivars. it is always a good practice to examine your lawn intently and make changes based totally on the unique wishes of your flora to ensure the most advantageous increase and productivity.

Finally About Cabbage Companion Plants

Companion planting with those 26 carefully selected flowers is the important thing to maximizing the boom and fitness of our cabbage vegetation. by using harnessing the electricity of those diverse companions, we create a thriving garden environment that evidently deters pests, improves soil fertility, and complements the flavor and yield of our cabbage crop. So, permits include the art of associate planting and watching our cabbage garden flourish like never before!

Cabbage Companion Plants Questions (FAQ)

What is the best companion plant to grow with cabbage?

One of the satisfactory accomplice flowers for cabbage is celery. Celery affords coloration to cabbage flora and might assist deter cabbage worms.

What should not be planted next to cabbage?

Cabbage must not be planted subsequent to strawberries, as they are able to compete for sources and preclude every different’s growth.

Can cabbage be planted next to peppers?

Cabbage may be planted subsequent to peppers as they have well-matched increased necessities. however, take into account that cabbage might also develop larger and doubtlessly overshadow the peppers, so the right spacing is critical.

Can cabbage be intercropped?

Cabbage can be intercropped with other well-suited flora. a few popular intercropping options for cabbage include developing it with lettuce, radishes, or spinach. Intercropping can help maximize space usage and offer mutual advantages to plant life worried.

Are cabbage and eggplant companion plants?

Cabbage and eggplant are not considered ideal accomplice flora. whilst they no longer have robust terrible interactions, they’ve exceptional boom necessities and may not gain every other considerably.


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