Companion Herbs For Tomatoes | Top 10 Ideas

companion herbs for tomatoes

There are some companion herbs for tomatoes. Planting companions have always been popular with renowned gardeners. They realize that creating the perfect growing environment for their favorite crops is as easy as designing the right neighbors to live alongside their plants.

If you are looking for companion herbs for tomatoes, then this article may very helpful for you. You can get very clear ideas from here.

Best Companion Herbs for Tomatoes


Borage is a good companion for planting tomatoes. The purple flowers and scaly silvery green leaves are a great neighbor of the lush foliage of tomato plants. Add to that the enhanced tomato flavor and you are sure to have a winner.

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Everyone recognizes the colorful marigold flowers. From deep reds and bronzes to vibrant yellows, marigolds add a splash of color and insect control to any garden. Did you know that they are also said to improve the flavor of tomatoes?


Dill is another wonderful herb for a beneficial insect near tomatoes. However, don’t plant dill next to vines. Neither tomato nor dill grows well. Let the light, curly structure of dill grow near the tomatoes in your helpful insect garden, inviting the very insects to help protect your precious fruit.

Basil is the best companion herbs for tomatoes

If you’ve ever tasted the richness of basil, you won’t be surprised to find that basil enhances the flavor of your favorite tomato as it grows. This companion is not only easy to place next to your favorite tomato plant, but it is also ideal as a companion.


The thyme is so tender and the amount of aroma and flavor in each leaf is amazing. Thyme is also wonderful for enhancing the flavor of tomatoes. Try adding creeping thyme to the front edge of your vegetable patch. When it goes down the page in a beautiful wave of little flowers and leaves, you know it’s

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You might be surprised to learn that catnip makes a good companion plant for tomatoes. The truth is, it’s a great plant for beneficial insects that will help protect tomatoes. Therefore, you should only plant it near your plants, but not necessarily next to them. Try to keep that member out of the room


Anise is another herb that is a great companion for tomatoes. It attracts and feeds many beneficial insects that will protect your tomatoes. An added bonus is the beautiful plant itself, which creates a great background for dark foliage and bright red berries.

Companion herbs for tomatoes are chives

Chives are another fabulous herb that goes with tomatoes and it not only flavors tomatoes but also seasons tomato dishes in a wonderful way. Since chives are perennial, consider them as a backdrop for your tomato garden.


Mint is a wonderful companion for your tomatoes. Just be sure to keep it in jars, otherwise, it can get a bit crazy and overwhelming. If you are planting tomatoes in a container garden this is not a problem and you can plant your mint just below the tomato vines.


Sage is simply delicious! She has the added benefit of being a good companion plant for tomato growers. With all the colors and sizes available in Sage, you are sure to find the unique garden look you are looking for.

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