Onions Companion Plants | Onion Companion Planting Chart

Onions Companion Plants

Best onions companion plants can help to grow your onion with many benefits. We published an onion companion planting chart here. You can get multiple crops from the same plants within the same seasons. Nowadays there are many companion plants getting popularity day by day. You can get various tested companion plant ideas from this website.

If you are looking for onions companion plants then this article may be very helpful for you. You can get the details about the onion companion planting chart from here.

Onions Companion Plants

Onions are great planting companions because they enhance the flavor of their companion plants and can deter pests such as aphids, Japanese beetles, and rabbits. However, peas, kidney beans, and asparagus do not grow well when planted near onions. Knowing which plants are good companions for others is important in attracting beneficial insects and producing the highest quality crops. Good onions companion plants or onion companion planting charts are listed below:

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Strawberries are extremely susceptible to pests. They are highly regarded by aphids and it can be difficult to keep them free from disease and destruction. Onions protect the strawberry crop, which can improve the health of your crop.


Onions can help keep the dreaded carrot fly away. By surrounding your carrot crop with onions, you can prevent garden rot from ruining your carrot crop.

Cabbage and onions companion plants

Cabbage in onion companion planting charts. Onions generally pair best with brassicas, members of the cabbage family. Onions are great for repelling pests like cabbage worms, cabbage worms, and cabbage worms. Cauliflower, broccoli, kale, beets, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts are Brassica vegetables. That grows well when planted with onions because onions contain most of the pests that attack plants.


Broccoli can grow well with onions companion plants. Because the season of these crops is the same. You can get these crops within the same time. Also, it can help to grow your onion plants.


Onions have a shorter root depth than lettuce, so these two plants can be planted side by side without competing for resources. It’s a great way to maximize planting space in your garden.


Although some plants in the same family do not work well together, the bulb family (also known as allium) does. Onions and leeks go well together because of their similar environmental needs. Both require similar nutrients, and leeks are effective in confusing onion flies.


In addition to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, chamomile enhances the flavor of onions when planted nearby.

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Marigolds and onions companion plants

Marigolds and onions companion plants. These pointed flowers are useful for attracting beneficial insects for pollination and for feeding on the various pests that can haunt your garden.

Summer savory

Savory can help stimulate the growth of onions and make them a little sweeter.  For ensuring the proper growth of your onion you can use it from onion companion planting charts.


Beets benefit from an accompanying onion plant. In addition to leeks and garlic, onions can naturally deter certain garden pests by providing protection against insect pests such as aphids and beet flea beetroot, as well as pest mammals such as rabbits and deer. Find out here how to grow beets in your garden.

Tomatoes and onions companion plants

Tomatoes and onions companion. Tomato is a very good option for your onion companion planting charts. The pungent smell of onions is a great repellant that will protect your tomato plants. Tomatoes can grow well with onions. You can use these companion plants for onions.


Large chard leaves can help keep the soil moist and provide a mature environment for the growth of short-rooted onions. Swiss chard can be planted close to onions. Most members of the Allium family like as, shallots and chives for a mutually good beneficial relationship.

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