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Indian Mobile Brands This is basically the main topic of today’s poster. Today we will know about some popular mobile companies in India by reading this post. India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets. The country is also known as the second most populous country in the world. The smartphone market in India is led by Samsung smartphones and Chinese mobile companies. We will know about top 10 mobile brands in India in this post. So let’s get to the details below.

Indian Mobile Brands

Micromax Informatics

The largest phone manufacturer company producing low-cost handsets in India is Micromax Informatics, which has also initiated the production of LED televisions and tablets.

YU Televentures

The largest Indian consumer electronics company, YU Televentures Micromax. Also Cyanogen Inc. and is owned by a joint venture between YU Televentures. YU Yureka, which is now a competitor to the Chinese Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, is the first mobile phone launched by YU Televentures.

Karbonn Mobile

Manufacturing of smartphones, tablets and mobile phone accessories is engaged by Carbon Mobile. It is also present in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Middle East and is considered as one of the Indian mobile companies.

Lava International

It has been operating in mobile handset industry in India as well as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Middle East. This company is a multinational Indian mobile company. Lava owns the Xolo brand with Intel processors and has launched both Windows Phone operating system and Android Lollipop smartphones.


Xolo, an Indian mobile brand, launched a smartphone with an Intel processor. Xolo is the first Indian mobile manufacturer to partner with AMD. Not only this, it is also the brand to launch the first 4G-enabled smartphone in India as well as a dual camera phone in India.

Intex Technologies

Intex Technologies is the second largest selling mobile phone company in India. Which is also involved in LED TV business.

I-Ball Mobile

iBall, a consumer electronics company in India. Mostly it is known for importing computer peripherals. Also involved in laptop and smartphone business in collaboration with Intel and Microsoft.


It is an Indian mobile handset company that manufactures 4G-enabled VoLTE smartphones. Moreover, it is operated with the original Jio, while being provided by the second largest LTE phone provider in India.

India’s third largest mobile network operator is Jio, and LYF is one of the top five smartphone brands in India. As well as the second largest LTE phone provider in India.

Spice Telecom

introduced Spice mobiles in India, which was taken over by Idea Cellular, a mobile phone service provider in India.


based in Hyderabad with manufacturing units in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, was one of the leading mobile handsets company in India with Microsoft and Android OS.

Jivi Mobiles, Loop Mobile, Zync Global, CREO, Onida Electronics, Videocon mobiles, YU Televentures, Reliance Jio, and Reliance LYF are some of the other well-known brands and mobile phone companies in India.

Final Word

Indian Mobile Brands This was the topic of today’s post. Today we have learned about top 10 mobile companies in India through this post. Thanks everyone for reading the post! Visit this website regularly to get more required posts.

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