Northern Canada is the best place to travel

Northern Canada
Northern Canada

Northern Canada includes almost 40% of Canada’s total landmass, is an iconic but mysterious part of Canada. Although igloos, icebergs, polar bears, sealers and the northern lights are among the most iconic symbols of the country. It is still an area that few Canadians will visit. The weather in Northern Canada is cold but relatively dry. With mild and sunny summers, in which temperatures rarely rise above 25 ° C, and long, bitter winters. In which the thermometer can fall to -40 ° C, It is especially north of the Arctic Circle.

Things to do in Northern Canada

Nowhere in the world can you discover wild and unspoiled nature. Like in Northern Canada regions, as long as you don’t mind feeling cold. The wilderness of Nunavut, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories takes national parks to a whole new level and offers camps and treks between towering peaks and ice-covered seascapes. You can relax with wild polar bears in Nunavut. Then fly to the Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, a business that uses only green energy. Add a hot air balloon to the mix for a good balance. In Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, you can enjoy Inuit culture with almost 24 hours of sunshine at the annual Alianait festival in June. When you’re not at home in winter, Yellowknife pampers visitors to the Northwest Territories with a surprisingly active restaurant and social scene.

When you’re ready for the challenge and you have a pair of thermal underwear to stay warm. Cross the new Tuk Road, a journey by land to the northernmost foothills of the Northwest Territories. Until 2017, the only year-round route to Tuktoyaktuk that bordered the country’s northern coast was an ice road that moved as frequently as the glacial lakes and snowbanks that surrounded it from a slightly larger town. grande de Inuvik This made it nearly impossible to get fewer auditions for a place on Ice Road Truckers. The new road is not yet easy to drive, but it is an adventure in itself. In addition, in 2019, you will receive the incomparable reward of smoking a legal seal in a berm overlooking the Beaufort Sea to receive your arrival. The Northern Lights have never seen so much.

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