Pattaya Beach is a wonderful place to travel

Pattaya is the best beach city in Thailand for travelers. The population of Pattaya is about 3,20,000. It has the nickname “Sin City”.¬† November to April is the best time to visit there. There is¬†basically spoken language is Thai but English is also widely used. The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). You can go there from Bankok airport by taxis, cost around 1200 baht. The airport bus costs about 300 baht and there are several transporting ways. There are hotels everywhere in Pattaya beach. Those looking for low prices will find rooms in the Soi Bukhao area, from 800 baht a night. There are 4 and 5-star hotels on Beach Road, and the cost is increasing dramatically.

Travelling Guide

Pattaya is a relatively small town, so you can walk to most places. Remember that the days can be very hot and sunny. Plan accordingly if you do not want to reach your sweaty goal. You should must drink a lot of water to prevent dehidration! As in all cities in Thailand, the motorcycle taxi is the most common form of transit. It costs between 20 baht and 160 baht, depending on the distance you want to travel. Note: Always wear a helmet if you are taking a motorcycle taxi or renting a bike yourself. The local police want to punish foreigners in downtown Pattaya if they find a violation of the law.

The Pattaya baht bus network consists of delivery vans with modified rear seats. These buses cross the city and go to the main tourist areas (they can also be privately reserved by groups). Locals and strangers take them and no matter how far you go, you pay 10 baht when it falls.

Rental cars in Pattaya are available but not very common. If you are traveling outside the city, you must book a car. Otherwise, this can be an obstacle. City traffic is often mediocre and parking is difficult to find.

A Unique Place to Visit

Overlooking the city of Pattaya, Buddha Hill is home to one of the local temples (Wat Thai) and offers breathtaking views of the city and the sea. Built-in 1981, the Sanctuary of Truth is a relatively new temple. The temple has a unique architecture that mimics the style of the oldest wooden temple.

The Pattaya night market on Second Road is a bustling market and a great place to buy souvenirs (prices are much lower than in Bangkok).

Walking Street

Stroll down the walking street and discover one of the largest and most concentrated bars/traffic lights in the world. You will see almost everyone from customers of go-go bars to large groups of tourists looking for opportunities to take photos. Discover the floating market of Pattaya. Because a combination of hiking and boating is necessary, it is an excellent daytime activity. The market offers food and souvenirs from all over Thailand.

Just south of Pattaya, the kilometer-long Jomtien Beach is ideal for day and night walks. Much less crowded than the main beach of Pattaya, so you do not have to spend time avoiding people or practicing water skiing.

Local Information

Be sure to visit the Alcazar Cabaret or the Tiffany show. These ladyboy cabarets are very entertaining and focus on voice and comedy. Always treat people with respect and do not speak: Thais can get angry quickly if they want to “lose face”. Be careful walk cautiously along Beach Road at night: many robberies have been reported in the area. Take care of the ladyboys: you can carry your wallet and embrace you in a friendly way.

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