Tips for Travel to Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an excellent place to travel. There is a mix of cultures, residents, and travelers. A wide variety of people, including Waifish models, amateur architecture critics, respected elders, and sun-loving families, enjoy the famous beaches of the “United States Riviera”. North Miami Beach has the most child-friendly beaches and the most affordable restaurants and hotels. The galleries, museums, and theaters of Greater Miami are less than 10 miles away. And then there is South Beach. This popular southern neighborhood shows that Miami Beach is more like two cities: a holiday for the whole family when the sun is shining and a very chic metropolis at sunset.

If you want to compete with the Jones, you must exercise your credit card in luxury stores, know the most modern fusion restaurants, dance in the discotheques and relax in hotels located next to the Art Deco pool. But not only the rich and celebrities will enjoy their time here. Relaxed travelers can relax on Haulover Beach or Lummus Park, learn about architecture while visiting Art Deco or try fishing at South Point Pier. Another thing you should do? Go window shopping and stroll the Lincoln Road Mall. You can not leave Miami Beach without eating delicious food and sip a cocktail at a rooftop bar.

The best times for a visit

Between March and May is the best time to travel to Miami Beach, when the sun shines in the 70s and 80s during the day. In addition to the beautiful weather, you can avoid peak winter rates during a spring visit. In this part of Florida, the climate is subtropical, which means it’s hot all year round and it’s raining a bit. Prepare an umbrella during your visit in summer or fall. At least it may rain in the afternoon. In the worst case, there could be heavy showers in the Atlantic hurricane season from June to November. If you try to keep your bank account under control, hotel prices and rates will drop in the summer like temperatures and precipitation increase.

How to save money there

The week is cheaper Miami Beach does not see a lot of business travelers. As a result, hotel prices fall slightly during the week. Get the Special Early Bird This means you have to enter the bar or club of your choice before loading or lifting a platform. Check the bar’s website the same day for the time. In addition, getting out of a bar is a luxury that many can not afford because of the cost of coverage.

Enjoy nature Many outdoor activities in the area are free. Stroll the Lincoln Road Mall, walk on Ocean Drive or sit back and watch the cruises from South Pointe Park and Pier. The low-cost airlines in Fort Lauderdale, such as Southwest, Allegiant, and Spirit, do not stay at Miami International Airport. However, they serve the nearby Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. If you want to save on airfares, you need to catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale and rent a car or take a bus to travel the 30 km to Miami Beach.

Culture & people

Miami Beach is a city of immigrants with one of the largest Cuban populations in the country. Many Mexicans speak Spanish as their mother tongue and can be heard throughout the city. Cuban culture has also influenced the music, architecture, and gastronomy of the city.

The city also has a thriving gay community that focuses on South Beach, especially between streets 11 and 12. If you’re in town in March, stay at the winter party, an event that attracts thousands of people. Visitors each year. Gay pride Miami Beach is also a big annual event that takes place in April.


The streets of Miami Beach are full of the best restaurants that offer a touch of Peruvian, Cuban, Caribbean, Asian and American cuisine at the same time. What other cities call “fusion” has its own name in Miami Beach: “Floribeño”. Let yourself be impressed by its flavor and its relatively low prices. South Beach has several moderately priced restaurants, but the cheapest options are on the side streets. Some Miami Beach dishes include crabs, ceviches, empanadas, Cuban pork sandwiches, and cakes (pastries with sweet or savory toppings).

Seafood lovers swear by Joe’s stone crab and say that the claws of the stone crab are juicy here. The only drawback is that this restaurant does not accept reservations. As it is so popular, you have to wait often (but it’s worth it, according to visitors). Café Las Olas is rewarded with delicious traditional Cuban sandwiches, empanadas, bananas, and an authentic café con leche. Most of the best hotels in Miami Beach also house some of the best restaurants in the area. OLA at the Eurostars Vintro Hotel offers Latin American dishes, while Hakkasan at the Fontainebleau Hotel serves Cantonese and Dim Sum dishes. In addition, some of Miami Beach’s top restaurant chefs are popular with visitors, including Scott Conant’s Scarpetta (also in Fontainebleau) and José Andrés’ The Bazaar (at SLS South Beach). To try the best of Miami Beach and beyond, join the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. This five-day event, which takes place every February, attracts the most famous chefs and avant-garde recipes.


Miami Beach is usually a safe city for visitors. As with most major tourist destinations, pickpocketing is the main concern, especially in the chaotic nightlife of Washington Street. Walk in groups at night and avoid unknown territories. If you have a car in town, keep your valuables hidden so that your vehicle does not become the target of a theft.

When you swim, stay near a monitoring station and observe the flags, a system that follows the same pattern for the state beaches. Green means that the water is calm, while the yellow indicates moderate conditions for surfing (that is, currents can occur). Purple means the presence of marine animals such as jellyfish. Please note that it is forbidden to enter the water with a red flag.

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