British Airways Jobs

British Airways is one of the largest and popular airlines in the United Kingdom. It is established on 31 March 1974. British Airways is a public limited company. It has a fleet of around 278 planes and travels to 183 destinations in the world. It has generated more than $1 billion on a single air route within one year. The total revenue is £13,020 million in 2018.

Available Job Positions

Approximately 45000 employees are working in British Airways. There are many job positions available at British Airways. These are the followings:

Flight Attendant
Administrative Support
Customer Service Host
Cabin Crew
Ticket Agent
Ramp Agent
Ground Operations Agent
Air Traffic Controller
Security Officer
Aircraft Mechanic
Maintenance Technician

Salary and other information’s for British Airways

The company offers a very attractive salary for its employees. The salary range may depend upon the job position of the employee. For details about all jobs position, you should visit their official website. Some positions salary and their job Responsibilities are below:

Cabin crew

Job Responsibilities:
Flight attendants assist passengers with flight requirements and safety instructions.
Employees must have an open schedule.
The annual salary for the cabin crew post is between £ 23,000 and £ 28,000.

Customer service host

Job Responsibilities
Answer phone calls, sell tickets and help customers.
The annual payment rate for this post is around £ 22,000.

Ground Operations Officer

Job Responsibilities:
Land Operations Officers transport baggage to and from the aircraft. Workers able to lift heavy objects and move quickly stand out in this position.
The average yearly salary for this job is around £ 19,000.

How to apply

All application process can be done online on the British Airways website. To apply, each potential employee must watch a series of videos and answer multiple-choice questions on their website. Applicants should carefully review the information provided before choosing an answer.

Application Process

Candidates may call or send e-mail to check their status of the British Airways application process. The HR teams generally contact successful candidates in a few weeks to arrange a job interview. The application process may depend on British Airways job positions.