British social life culture and traditions

Great Britain’s cultural customs and traditions vary from strange to wonderful, from traditional to popular and from simple to big. The emergence of ideas, celebrations, and ideas that make up the current British lifestyle began centuries ago, giving meaning to the existence of human beings. These customs and traditions have stood the test of time, although not without change, to adapt to the world being modernized.

Despite the inevitable change in British values ​​and norms, the roots can easily be traced back to ancient English civilization. The fact that the history of the nation has been recorded broadly and competently has been a great help.

If we know and understand the customs and traditions of a country, we can better understand why people lead this life in, British Culture says these things or commit such acts. Keep reading to discover that there are more kilts in the UK than the Beatles and fish and chips.

1. British food

Fish and chips are very common in the UK. As the name suggests, it consists of fried fish in large quantities and is accompanied by french fries. The most used cod for this dish is fresh cod.

These were served conventionally in an old newspaper until a more hygienic paper counterpart replaced the packaging. Many restaurants offer fish and chips as Friday’s specialties for the traditional meatless fast of Catholics on Fridays. Fried Dinner Roast dinner (or Sunday’s classic roast) has become one of the staple foods in the UK.

It consists of roast meats, vegetables and a variety of side dishes such as Yorkshire pudding and English mustard. The term Sunday roast comes from this dish, which is supposed to be the traditional food of British families after their visit to church on Sunday. The day begins with the bursting of the meat in the oven, the addition of vegetables and the mass. They return home with the smell of a perfectly roasted treat waiting to be devoured.

2. Sports

Many of the famous sports that are common today have British roots. Cricket, soccer, lawn tennis, rugby, and golf, just to name a few.

The most popular sport in the UK is football. Each country has its own national team. They compete against other teams from around the world in several world tournaments, including the famous FIFA World Cup ™. Because people are proud that their countries are represented, fans usually work with competitions.

In addition to the international stadium, football is also celebrated in local areas. People play in their local parks across the country.

3. pub culture

The term pub is a short name for “public house”. A British pub is, originally, a place in the neighborhood where people gather for a drink and chat.

It is observed that the culture prevailing in British pubs differs from that of American bars. The only social club of a member is also very common in British cities.

4. Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is probably one of the incarnations of the British festival and a socially acceptable excuse and very nice to meet for a dinner between two and four o’clock in the afternoon. Afternoon tea includes selected teas, traditional rolls, simple sandwiches, and cupcakes. The pastry is complemented, among other things, by creamy crumbs and fruit jams.

The birth of afternoon tea occurred in 1840, when Anna Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, ordered sandwiches between lunch and dinner. It happened again and again, and she began to invite her friends to enjoy the sweets with her.

Meanwhile, afternoon tea is regularly served around the world, mainly as a special offer in luxury hotels and English restaurants.

5. Queuing

The next time you wait in line for movie tickets, consider the humble story of the queues of the Second World War. It turned out that this social action, in which the British are now well known, originated with people who constituted a file for, among others, stocking up. Today we see the English follow invisible lines and follow an organized line for almost everything.

Queuing, however, is a problem for another discussion. Although the lines remain systematized, no one can complain about complaining about the long wait while the line stays in a straight line.

6. The speech of the queen

In the Queen’s speech or in a longer title, the throne speech is an acting monarch’s speech at the opening of parliament. Here, the Queen speaks to the legislature and talks about the government’s agenda. The speech is usually written by the monarch’s counselors and the queen makes the final decision as to the content.

There have been cases in which, for some reason, the Queen cannot deliver her speech. In the United Kingdom, the reigning monarch can freely choose a delegate to represent him by language.

7. boxing day

Boxing Day is Boxing Day, December 26th. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is considered a bank holiday. Much thought has been given to creating such an unusual tradition and an unusual British party. One of them is the idea that this day is intended to offer gifts to less fortunate people or just to people who are not of the same rank.

What is really happening today is that people are coming together to enjoy the remains of yesterday’s celebrations. It is also said that it is time to relax parties and parties.

8. Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is a contemporary art festival that takes place at Worthy Farm in South West England. It was founded in the 1970s by Michael Eavis.

Today is the UK’s most famous music festival, held every summer for a few days. The clothes and tents of the festival are a necessity to enjoy the great vibrations of the festival. It is recommended that tickets be booked one year in advance, as tickets for the Glastonbury Festival are usually sold a few hours after they start.

9. Highland Games

The Highland Games are proud of the Scots. These include hammer throw, mountaineering, and fierce wrestling competitions, just to name a few.

It also involves sports culture and organizes group presentations and other topics to accompany the games. These include bagpipes and drums, pet vinaigrettes and mountain dances.

10. Horse Racing

As horse breeding is part of the British heritage, it is understood that horse racing is considered a respected part of society. In fact, it is the second most important sport for spectators in the UK. Horse racing includes the Royal Ascot, the Grand National, and the Cheltenham Festival.

The history of racehorses dates back to the 12th century when English knights wore Arabian horses back from the crusades. These horses, which crossed with the English horses, gave birth to thoroughbred, which is the race used in races in the United Kingdom.

11. British pop culture

The UK has a rich pop culture that has an influence not only in the UK but also internationally. British pop culture imports talents that go beyond various forms of media. Here are some of Britain’s most outstanding contributions to the world of pop:

The Beatles. They were a rock band from Liverpool, England. The group consists of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The Beatles are responsible for pop hits like Blackbird and I Want A Hold Your Hand.

Harry Potter. This famous character (and his film) is a creation of the English writer J.K. Rowling Harry Potter is the protagonist of a series of seven parts that have been recognized and recognized by publishers and readers. His first book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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