22 Backyard Basketball Court Ideas And Designs With Pics

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

You can choose a perfect one from this 22 Backyard Basketball Court Ideas, design, layouts, and pics. Large or small, small or large, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways to build a basketball court in your backyard. While some backyard basketball court ideas may not be within your budget, for any expensive idea there are several inexpensive or DIY options that can be just as functional and fun. Some may prefer the bounce that a concrete or asphalt court provides, but grass, dirt, and even sandy pitches are out of the question. The space in a house can be outdoors, but it can also be covered or even indoors if your garage or barn is large enough. It all depends on what you have and how much passion you have for the game.

When it comes to tires for a home basketball court, the options are as varied as the courts themselves. From homemade tires welded to sheet metal to storing store-bought tires in garages, there are certainly a number of ways to skin a cat when it comes to home basketball hoops. So grab a bullet bomb, put on your Jordans, and we’re diving into some great ideas for backyard basketball courts.

22 Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

From these 22 Backyard Basketball Court Ideas, design, and layouts you will get an idea about making the best Basketball Court in your backyard. Follow these Basketball Court Ideas below:

Local Hoop

With a little creativity, almost any place can be turned into a basketball court. A typical example is the ring of trees. Although the roots can affect the rebound, this unique tree hoop could be an option for you to propagate in your own garden. However, keep in mind that its size will increase over time and the rim height will exceed legal specifications.

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Homemade Hoop

Attached to telephone poles, this hoop continues the DIY theme and is as amateurish as it sounds. but undoubtedly effective. The welded edge and spray-painted dotted lines may seem like a redneck to some, but as Wabi Sabi’s ancient Japanese philosophy says, great beauty can be found in the old, imperfect, and worn.

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas – Poolside Balling

You don’t need a big space to have fun. And in some cases, space can still be better utilized. What could be better than playing hula hoop and cooling off in the pool when you’re done? You can even take pictures of the pool yourself! Just be careful not to break a window.

Barnyard Basketball

Is your garden running out of space for a basketball court? There is no problem. Do what these folks did and put a tire on your barn/garage wall. Even if the ground below isn’t ideal, you can at least practice jumping.

All you need is the rim

You don’t even need a board to be a shooter. Just screw an edge into the wall and you’re done. If you really like DIY projects, you can paint a board, or at least the box, to line up your bench plans. The crack might not be the same as a sheet of acrylic, glass, or polyethylene, but if it just touches the mesh it doesn’t matter.

Heroes of the driveway

The fairways are great places to improve your basketball skills. If you have a portable basketball hoop, you can take it out at playtime and then take it to your garage or storage room in bad weather.

Roadside hoop – Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

If you live in a dead-end or a quiet street, you can move your tire around the street to enjoy the best playability. Even if you don’t have a paved driveway or patio, the asphalt on the street can be used as a basketball court. If your neighbor also has a hoop, you can add two for a full playground!

Classic Concrete Court With Suburban Flair

This modern adaptation of the concrete urban terrace is functional and aesthetic. The concrete floor provides the perfect surface for a basketball to bounce, while the elegant wooden fence and bushes help control defective balls and give the field a warmer feel.

Full of luxury on the court

If you have space, the desire, and the warehouse, a backyard basketball court is a possibility. The top one has two rings that allow for real play. And if you take a closer look, you will see that the hall can also serve as a tennis court. Plates like this are typically made of asphalt or concrete with a protective acrylic coating to add cushioning, seal in the water, and highlight areas of the court in different colors.

Earthy stain – Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Who needs concrete when you have a nice dirty surface? It is true that your ball can get dirty, but hey, a stain of dirt is better than no stain. If you hit it and make it nice and compact, your ball will bounce like concrete.

Sports field court

This course combines elements of different sports and includes a basketball hoop and a soccer goal. You can do a few free throws and then practice your free throws. Shoot the soccer ball then hit the basketball, we won’t judge. As long as you’re having fun and being safe, everything else is secondary.

Countryside Court

Who Said You Need A Network? Not this boy. Practice your triples in peace at this rural farmhouse. I can’t think of a better way to relax after a long and stressful day at work.

Basketball court with a view

This place might not be the best when it rains, but the views are great even in the worst weather conditions. I’m sure the owners of this place regularly make the most of it.

Full-service basketball court

From rustic to wealthy, this patio idea may be out of reach for many. But if you have the cash you are sure to have fun. Shoot the hoop until you have fun, then sit by the fire and fry some marshmallows. What more can you ask for in life?

Base apparatus B-ball

A step below the luxury of the previous dish, but no less fun, this dish is a bit cheaper for the average person. And with the adjacent large lawn, you can go from basketball to football to baseball without leaving your yard.

Backyard basketball court ideas – Lush Backdrop Court

This rear basketball court is equipped with a thick layer of greenery. Pass the tire? No problem, the plants have their backs. And due to the cooling effect of photosynthesis, this dish is organically conditioned!

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Pot of gold

Who says basketball hoops have to be boring? Black, white and gray … no. This rainbow-striped design works for me. In the colors of Cacaughay, this tire offers a nice break from the monotony of the suburbs. Just be sure to follow the guidelines of your local homeowner’s association.

Postmodern abstract expressionism

This abstract tire artwork goes beyond the rainbow and is not only interesting to look at, but also functional. It certainly doesn’t meet legal standards, but who cares? Metal arches and arches pay homage to the industrial era of yesteryear, before the invention of plastic and its productive acquisition.

Garage basketball

Looks like this tire has been in place for decades and is inside an old garage in the heart of the Rust Belt. I can’t even imagine the dedication they must have shown, what it must have been. Even in the pouring rain or in the middle of winter, this yard would have been thriving.

Backyard basketball court ideas – Swimming Pool Court

You don’t need a permanent seat to have a good time playing basketball. While this course might not be the best course to level up in the league, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time on those hot summer days.


This playground is the perfect way to integrate a playground into a basketball court. It is fully equipped and ready to use. Your little ones can hit the bars, climb the cargo net, then throw a few baskets before taking a nap. A great way to encourage exercise and keep yourself entertained at the same time. The break has never been so fun.

Finally about backyard basketball court ideas

There you have it, 22 backyard basketball court ideas that will excite and inspire you. Some of the ideas can be a bit expensive for the average consumer, while others may not suit everyone’s sense of style and beauty. However, regardless of your budget and your attitude to beauty, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a basketball court into your backyard to make exercise a staple in your daily life when space is limited or you only have a few acres left.

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