Interesting facts about India that will attract you to visit there

India is one of the biggest countries with a large population in the world. There are many attractive tourist places and huge travelers are visiting every day. If you resist visiting India because you have heard bad things on bad roads, unsanitary conditions in shelters and poverty in general, you must stop! I will show you that India has more positive than negative aspects. Hold on I will use strange information about this extraordinary country, which I hope will make you change your mind.


The second thing you will definitely need is transportation. It’s possible to go from A to B on foot, but try the 5-star Maharajas express train, the most luxurious train in Asia. As for the trams, the chaos is total. There are no rules and you can only honk.

Delicious food

First, you are hungry when you get there. Is it safe to eat local food? Of course, and it’s delicious but spicy enough! Even if he tells the shopkeeper that he does not want the “hot shot”, he will get it anyway. Always keep some bottles of water with you. You can also eat raw vegetables and fruits, but it can hurt your stomach. Oh, and do not be afraid of the dishes. People often use things like banana leaves because they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than plastic sheets.

Unique animals and nature

Animals are very important in India and not just cows. You have the opportunity to ride elephants and camels, and if you go on a jungle expedition, you will see hundreds of unique animals, not to mention the flora. 30% of all plants growing in India cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The land of islands and sunken ships

In addition to 8 beautiful islands with excellent beaches, there are also many shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea. These are the real magnets for divers from all over the world. You can not only get fantastic brown lines but also dive into the sea and discover a secret shipwreck. Maybe you can even keep these Spanish duplicates as memories.

Ancient Ruins

In India, there are many ruins dating from the time of the ancient kings. In Hampi, for example, you can visit the remains of ancient cities and temples, all built in an architectural style different from all known times in the history of mankind. Tourists always surround this point of reference like crazy.

Some curious facts

Shaking the head means “Yes”. ¬†Due to the overwhelming heat, people start their workday at 6 am. The food on the ground is good even for the richest families. Give your hand only with your right hand. His left hand is considered “dirty”. Mobile services are extremely cheap in India, so you can get a decent monthly package for just $ 2.

In India, marriages can range from 300 to 1,500. Guests are not limited to friends and family. Often tourists and occasional citizens of the region are welcome. Although it is probably not for free.

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