40 Ton Humpback Whale Jumps Out Of The Water – Amazing Video

Whales are the largest and amazing animals in the world. Humpback whales are huge, adult males are about 14 meters long and females are a few meters taller. They are prodigious for their huge size body parts. They have huge dark bodies flanked by huge pectoral fins that reach about a third of their body length. They are always fun and melodious and sing some of the most complex and enduring songs of the animal kingdom. So they are virtuous with the depths and the masters of the melody.

Generally, the weight of an adult humpback whale canĀ  36,000 pounds, it’s really hard to believe that it can even jump out of the water.

Scuba diver Craig Capehart caught this moment in 2017. He was sitting in a rubber duck boat in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mbotyi when the interesting moment comes. He said it probably weighed about 40 tons. He recorded this rare event of a mature humpback whale jumping out of the water and it was the first time someone had succeeded to capture this moment.

According to the BBC, we still do not know why whales jump out of the water, but scientists analyze that they break, then hit the water to communicate.

Via truththeory.com/us.whales.org

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