Sahara Desert Camel And Their Amazing Life

sahara desert camel

The life of Sahara Desert Camel is amazing. The desert camel attracts tourists to travel in Morocco. The tour operators always arrange various attractions for their tourists. There are two types of Saharan erg or sand dunes in south-eastern Morocco. The Erg Chebbi dunes measure approximately 22 km by 5 km and form a fascinating island in the otherwise flat and rocky desert that borders the Moroccan part of the Sahara. The trip from Marrakech to the Sahara is long and hot during the summer months. However, the trip is well worth it. When the rest of the world sleeps under the stars in traditional (and very simple) Berber camps, it’s like forever.

Also, you can enjoy their life of the Sahara Desert Camel very closely. In addition to this trip, you will arrive at your camp on the back of a camel. We have been in the Sahara for a day and I could not stop taking pictures because you will not want to miss any moment there. It was not easy when you are on the back of a camel. We hope you will learn about Sahara Desert Camel from this post easily.

Sahara Desert Camel Daily Life

As you get closer to the dunes, travel several miles through the rocky desert before seeing the magnificent Erg Chebbi dunes in the background. Camel rides start at a local kasbah. After I arrived and a quick mint tea, I could quickly see the camels eating.

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After our pre-trip briefing, we were on our way. Led by Said, our guide for the 2 days, we sat on our mountains and went to the dunes to watch the sunset. There are other people nearby, but the dunes are so big we only saw people in the distance. Silence in the Sahara is unlike anything else. with seemingly endless dune views from all angles.

sahara desert camel life

Sahara Desert Night

After a few hours of walking, you will arrive at your accommodation for the night. Accommodation in the Sahara is easy; a thin mattress in the sand and that’s it. The covers that make up the top of the tents have holes in them, which means you can gaze up at the stars while tucking them away in your sleeping bag.

For an early start, the next morning generally a camel ride in the very early. so you can get a good advantage point for the sunrise. It may sound a little simple, but it is a truly spiritual experience. It might sound simple, but going down a sand dune is actually very difficult! The beasts of burden, our two camels, rest as we watch the sunrise. A well-deserved breakfast at the Kasbah before returning to Marrakech.

Finally About Sahara Desert Camel

The trekking of Sahara Desert Camel is a very enjoyable moment for travelers. Also, it contains the tradition of the Sahara Desert. This place very attractive for any aged people. So you can plan your next trip to the Sahara Desert.

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