Men’s fashion for this year

Are you thinking about your new year’s fashion and style? In terms of fashion, the future will come very soon. Men’s styles are undergoing enormous changes, from portable technologies to next-generation fabrics, to new directions on the Web, and to making fashion sustainable.

What are you wearing this year? Then we ask about trends, movements, creators, and colors that affect how we dress our selves and all men.

Return of fashion trends

There is an unofficial fashion rule that governs the return of trends: the 20-year rule. If it’s okay, we dress like in 1999. Over time, Levi’s reintroduces one of its classic lines: Twisted Denim. The jeans designed by the brand appeared for the first time in 1999 with twisted side seams that wrapped around the legs and numbed the eyes of passers-by. The new special edition features four-way elastic construction and 3D weaving technology for maximum comfort. Whether it is nostalgia or something else, we have it.

In other places, there are unexpected signs of waking the emo. We’ve seen large, studded belts slip silently into the SS19 collections, all of which are made up of black clothing and men’s makeup kits. Baggy cargo pants are ubiquitous and leather blazers hold a battle in action exactly 20 years after Brad Pitt’s departure with Fight Club. It can not be a coincidence.

In Tailoring

Nowadays, people have been quick to explain the death of demand; Now, 2019 is here to prove that critics are wrong. It’s true that few of us are forced to prepare for work, but nearly one hundred years after the age of twenty, designers still believe in the unparalleled ability to cut to enhance a man’s playing style. The U.S. too

This year, the labels not only rediscover classic sewing but also respect it by creating new silhouettes, interesting layer options and flashy costumes that scream louder than ever. On the catwalks, we’ve seen designer shirts in shirts, loose-fitting double-breasted models, corduroy suits, skins, and metallic tones, and all the colors you can imagine. The most fascinating of all is perhaps Balenciaga. The naughty luxury brand does what no one else was waiting for: elegantly dressed in old stripes and tight suits of neutral colors, where all men would look great.

Whites and creams

The parade offered at Virgil Abloh’s first exhibition for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week SS19 was like our postmodern abstract design, like the sky, with many floating creations in white cream and palate.

The other haute couture suppliers Dior and Cerrutti have followed his example, making it a great summer for sounds. The fresh and striking white fades with the light, while the cream softens the appearance and seems less harsh. It’s a combination of delicate and improved colors that make you look like a king in the summer sun.

The graphic prints

What will appear on Instagram is a driving force of contemporary fashion. This is one of the main reasons we saw the return of Logomania, which spread in the 90s. Nothing exactly shouts, “Look at me now, I can really afford to buy money from Gucci, what a shirt says exactly.

Inevitably, the market is now oversaturated and, on the other hand, artistic graphics have shaken those Gram images that are now less than transformed. Raf Simons has taken the initiative and has covered the black marks with New Order’s beautiful reference covers, while individualistic graphics should take care of the logo of the uniform. On the other hand, we’ve seen wildflower motifs and designs from Virgil Abloh’s Wizard of Oz. Imagine everything with a Clarendon filter. Burner companion, fire

Extra pockets

Do you do this when you search for your keys or cards and you are still in the last pocket you checked? If so, 2019 will be a nightmare. This year, there is more space in the objects than in a full Ikea warehouse. These are pockets in combat pants, vests, and warm clothes. In addition, the possibilities of “portable luggage” are even more numerous, such as suitcases and boxes of boxes.

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