Amazing information about sweet woodruff

Sweet woodruff is also a very popular plant in European countries. In Europe, I found out that it is used to flavor all kinds of things, from sweet to savory. It blooms here. It’s very pretty, isn’t it? Well, this year my seemingly harmless little plant turned into a garden tyrant. It happened slowly.

I think you shouldn’t plant powerful automatic seeders like peppermint or chamomile in the garden. However, there are also some powerful spreaders and I have a solid spreading history for you! About a few years ago we have a nice woodshed factory. I had seen it in another garden and loved the little white flowers that appear in the spring.

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For the first year my pretty scales hibernated, they had spread a bit in the spring, but I was comfortable with that because I want my garden stuff to fill up. Last year I had to repair the edges a bit. Fast forward to last spring when I suddenly had to pull some pretty flakes of skin from my carnation to keep it from invading a miniature lilac and saving my Fire Spinner Delosperma.

I have a lot to do in my backyard, so I had to “take a break” to trigger mild asthma attacks and eventually leave to take care of other things. However, when those pretty white flowers died and my sperm started to bloom, I realized I had to go back, stat.

This “cute” shelter had smothered part of a very drought tolerant plant. I still love the pretty skin flakes, but I caution any gardener who is considering putting them in a garden. Do you have similar warnings on plants? You can share with us!

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