How to Stop My Phone from Hanging | Quick Tips

How to stop my phone from hanging

How to stop my phone from hanging? Mobile hang or phone hanging problem post is basically for Android smartphone users. There are millions of Android users worldwide who are growing, but do you know that every second Android user is faced with the problem of hanging their Android smartphones, even if it is available at high prices? Share it in 5 tips to solve the phone hanging problem on an Android smartphone.

Looking for a mobile hang solution. Android is one of the best-operating systems for mobile phones and that millions of people have an Android phone. Few people believe that the Android smartphone remains stuck because of errors or errors in the Android operating system.

Mobile hang problem

The mobile hanging problem can solve by easily following few steps. The problems to hang the Android phone can have several causes. So, if you have the same problem, follow these quick tips below.

Delete unwanted data to solve phone hanging problem

Another reason for mobile hang and phone hanging is unwanted data. Do you know that almost all websites use the cache to increase the speed of a website? Every time you visit a website, the phone automatically saves cookies and caches. This unwanted data is stored in your phone’s memory, which reduces the available storage space for applications and other files.

The phone hanging problem can be easily solved from the settings option.

Go to the settings -> Storage -> Click on the cache and click OK to remove the caches.

Move the installed application to an external storage

If you use too many applications from your smartphone, you can move some applications to external storage. The best way to empty your phone’s storage space is to move applications to external storage. It can help to solve your mobile hanging problem.

You can install applications directly to external memory cards and configure the external memory card as the default memory.

Go to Settings -> storage -> click on the SD card to change storage

Use external memory to store songs and other files

Too much space on the phone is the main reason for hanging up. Record your songs, videos, and other data to solve the problem with the Android phone. You can move your files to external storage and choose external storage because standard storage makes it easy to save photos and videos that the camera has clicked.

To set the external memory as the default memory, read the second tip.

Factory reset options

Personally, I do not recommend this option for mobile hang, because it is not familiar to most Android users. Factory Reset is the last method to eliminate unwanted files from browsers, websites, applications, etc. Resetting to factory settings eliminates all files, applications, contacts, and notes. Therefore, this option is not used on most Android devices.

How to stop my phone from hanging – Factory reset:

The factory reset option may delete your personal information, such as Contacts and Notes. Therefore, users must follow the secure process before executing the factory reset option. Whenever you restore the factory settings, never forget to make a backup copy of all the files. You can move these backup files to the external SD card.

Use cloud storage

Now you can solve the question, How to stop my phone from hanging. Use Cloud Store to save the files you want to save for the future. Only save the files you need daily to your memory card and download them to future cloud storage.

Last words, at the end of the post, 5 tips to solve the problem of mobile hanging an Android smartphone, I can say that you liked this post. For more information on Android tips, check our tech category posts.

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