Kale Companion Plants | 34 Good And Bad Companion Plants For Kale

Kale companion plants. Kale, with its nutrient-rich leaves and distinct taste, has become more and more popular in domestic gardens and healthy diets. As an avid gardener, you will be acquainted with the concept of associate planting, a practice that entails developing sure plant life together to beautify their growth, deter pests, and maximize typical productivity. much like humans, flora has relationships, and kale isn’t any exception. by strategically deciding on and planting kale partner flowers, you can create a harmonious garden atmosphere that blessings all species worried.

Companion planting is an age-antique gardening technique that harnesses the electricity of symbiotic relationships among plant life. through strategically selecting associate flowers, you may create a thriving lawn ecosystem that promotes the increase, fitness, and productivity of your kale vegetation. In this blog publication, we will discover 24 remarkable kale partner plant life that offers quite a number of blessings, from repelling pests to enhancing soil fertility. allow’s to dive in and discover how these partner flora can rework your kale lawn into a flourishing haven of biodiversity.

Kale Companion Plants

Partner planting with kale gives numerous blessings. some flora paintings as herbal pest deterrents, keeping harmful bugs and diseases at bay, even as others improve soil quality and nutrient availability. additionally, certain partner flora attract pollinators and useful bugs, that can raise kale’s standard fitness and productivity. With thoughtful planning and understanding of the first-class kale partners, you may create a thriving garden that no longer most effectively supports your kale crop but also fosters biodiversity and ecological balance.

Good Companion Plants For Kale

In this guide, we can discover various partner plants that complement kale’s boom and nicely-being. From aromatic herbs to vibrant flowers and veggies, those companions will help in numerous methods, whether or not thru repelling pests, attracting beneficial bugs, enhancing soil fertility, or imparting coloration and support. by means of incorporating these kale partners into your lawn, you may cultivate a colorful and thriving ecosystem that complements the overall fitness and productivity of your kale vegetation.

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Keep in mind, partner planting isn’t a one-length-fits-all technique, and the effectiveness of different associate plants may also vary primarily based on your unique lawn conditions, climate, and local factors. it is vital to test and examine what works high-quality for your kale and surrounding plant life. So allow’s delve into the charming international of kale partner plant life and find out how these beneficial partnerships can rework your garden into a thriving and various ecosystem.


Planting beets alongside kale complements the soil shape and provides vital nutrients. The deep roots of beets help split compacted soil, making it less complicated for kale’s shallow roots to access vitamins and water.


Nasturtiums aren’t the handiest stunning with their vibrant flowers, however, they also function as first-rate partners for kale. They act as natural pest deterrents, attracting aphids far from kale plant life and keeping them at bay.


By planting dill near kale, you could attract useful insects inclusive of ladybugs and lacewings. those predators assist keep aphids and other harmful pests under manipulation, ensuring the health of your kale vegetation.


Imparting shade for kale flowers, celery offers protection in opposition to wilting or sizzling in warm weather. via planting celery alongside kale, you create a microclimate that aids in the growth of both florae.

Borage – Kale Companion Plants

Kale Companion Plants
Kale Companion Plants

Borage isn’t always the best lovely flowering herb, but it additionally draws bees and different pollinators to your lawn. The presence of these beneficial bugs enhances the overall fitness and productiveness of your kale vegetation.


Chamomile acts as a herbal fungicide and repels pests like cabbage moths, that can harm kale leaves. Planting chamomile near your kale allows for creating a protective barrier against fungal sicknesses and undesirable pests.


Marigolds have a strong heady scent that repels aphids, nematodes, and other dangerous insects. with the aid of interplanting marigolds with kale, you can clearly shield your kale crop while adding a pop of color to your garden.


Carrots and kale make incredible companions on the lawn. Their roots grow at special depths, permitting them to efficiently utilize space and nutrients without competing with each different.


Onions are great companions for kale as they repel pests like aphids, slugs, and cabbage worms. Planting onions near kale acts as a herbal deterrent and enables protect your kale flowers from pest damage.

Kale Companion Plants Garlic

Garlic shares comparable pest-repelling homes to onions. with the aid of planting garlic close to kale, you create an effective protection gadget in opposition to pests, ensuring the health and vitality of your kale plant life.


Peas are nitrogen-fixing plant life, changing atmospheric nitrogen right into a shape this is quite simple to be had by other plants. growing peas near kale enrich the soil with nitrogen, boosting kale’s increase and average health.


Cabbage, being a close relative of kale, may be planted along it. but, it is critical to offer adequate spacing to save you from the unfolding of diseases. This accomplice planting combination allows for efficient area usage and creates a visually attractive garden mattress.


Spinach and kale percentages similar increase requirements and might thrive collectively. By way of planting these leafy veggies side through facet, they provide mutual color and protection from the sun, resulting in healthier and greater efficient plants.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard makes a high-quality companion for kale. Its presence helps deter pests like aphids and leafminers. moreover, the colorful leaves of Swiss chard create a stunning comparison whilst planted alongside the kale.

Mint-Kale Companion Plants

Mint is a herbal pest repellent, mainly effective against ants and cabbage moths. Planting mint close to kale can help defend your kale plants from these pests. however, it’s vital to develop mint in packing containers or isolated beds to save you from its aggressive spreading.


Radishes act as natural pest repellents, especially against flea beetles. Planting radishes near kale can help protect the leaves from damage as a result of these pests, ensuring a bountiful kale harvest.


Cilantro attracts useful bugs together with parasitic wasps and hoverflies, which prey on aphids and different harmful pests. By interplanting cilantro with kale, you encourage a healthful environment that maintains pests in take a look at.


Beans, like peas, are nitrogen-fixing vegetation that enriches the soil with nitrogen. by growing beans close to kale, you offer an extra supply of nitrogen in your kale vegetation, promoting a lively boom and plentiful harvests.


Sunflowers offer color and aid for kale vegetation, specifically at some point in the warm summer months. Their tall stalks can act as natural trellises for mountaineering types of kale, growing a visually stunning and functional garden area.

Kale Companion Plants Oregano

Oregano not most effective provides flavor in your culinary endeavors but additionally repels pests which include aphids and cabbage butterflies. Planting oregano close to kale acts as a herbal pest deterrent while infusing your lawn with a delightful fragrance.


Rosemary has a strong aroma that deters pests like carrot flies and cabbage moths. by way of planting rosemary near kale, you provide herbal protection against these pests, making sure of the health and energy of your kale plants.


Yarrow is an attractive perennial that draws predatory bugs like ladybugs and lacewings. those beneficial insects feed on aphids and other pests which could infest kale flora, helping to hold your kale crop healthful and pest-free.


Tomatoes and kale may be complementary partners inside the lawn. The tall tomato plants offer a good deal-wished color for kale, whilst the kale’s low-developing foliage enables color in the soil, holding moisture for the tomato vegetation.


Sage, with its pest-repelling residences, is an awesome partner for kale. by means of planting sage close to kale, you create an environment that deters pests together with cabbage moths, ensuring the nicely-being of your kale crop. Plus, you can revel in the aromatic leaves of sage in your culinary creations.

Kale Companion Plants Chart

The kale companion plants chart is given below tables:

SerialCompanion PlantsBenefits
1BeetsBeets improve soil structure and add essential nutrients. Their deep roots break up compacted soil, making it easier for kale’s shallow roots to access nutrients.
2NasturtiumNasturtiums attract aphids away from kale, acting as a natural pest deterrent.
3DillDill attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings, which prey on aphids and other pests that may harm kale plants.
4CeleryCelery provides shade for kale, preventing leaf wilting or scorching in hot weather.
5BorageBorage attracts bees and other pollinators, enhancing the health and productivity of kale plants.
6ChamomileChamomile acts as a natural fungicide and repels pests like cabbage moths, which can damage kale leaves.
7MarigoldMarigolds have a strong scent that repels aphids, nematodes, and other harmful insects. They attract beneficial insects like hoverflies and parasitic wasps.
8CarrotsCarrots and kale grow well together, utilizing space efficiently and preventing competition for nutrients.
9OnionsOnions repel pests like aphids, slugs, and cabbage worms that can damage kale plants. They also help deter deer and rabbits.
10GarlicGarlic has similar pest-repelling properties to onions and can ward off pests, improving the health of kale plants.
11PeasPeas enrich the soil by converting atmospheric nitrogen into an accessible form, benefiting kale’s growth.
12CabbageCabbage, a relative of kale, can be planted alongside it. Adequate spacing is essential to allow airflow and prevent disease spread.
13SpinachSpinach and kale make compatible companions, providing shade and protection from the sun for each other.
14Swiss chardSwiss chard deters pests like aphids and leafminers while adding visual contrast with its colorful leaves.
15MintMint repels pests such as ants and cabbage moths but should be grown in containers or isolated beds due to its aggressive spreading nature.
16RadishesRadishes act as natural pest repellents, protecting kale leaves from damage caused by flea beetles.
17CilantroCilantro attracts beneficial insects like parasitic wasps and hoverflies that prey on aphids and other pests.
18BeansBeans enrich the soil with nitrogen, benefiting kale’s nutrient uptake and overall growth.
19SunflowersSunflowers provide shade and support for kale plants, serving as a natural trellis for climbing kale varieties.
20OreganoOregano repels pests like aphids and cabbage butterflies that can harm kale plants.
21RosemaryRosemary deters pests like carrot flies and cabbage moths, protecting kale plants.
22YarrowYarrow attracts predatory insects like ladybugs and lacewings that feed on aphids and other pests infesting kale plants.
23TomatoesTomatoes provide shade for kale plants, while kale’s low-growing foliage helps conserve moisture for the tomato plants.
24SageSage repels pests like cabbage moths and can be harvested for culinary use.

Bad Companion Plants For Kale

Whilst companion planting can offer several advantages to kale, it is similarly important to be aware of flowers that could have terrible interactions or preclude the boom and fitness of kale. right here are some examples of plants that might be generally considered awful partners for kale:


Strawberries have a sprawling growth habit that can overshadow and color kale flowers, decreasing their access to daylight and hindering their growth.

Pole Beans

Pole beans are acknowledged for their vigorous growth and hiking addiction. they are able to easily weigh down kale plants, blocking off sunlight and inhibiting their development.

Tomatoes (close Proximity)

At the same time as tomatoes can be beneficial as remote companions to provide coloration, planting them too near kale can cause opposition for nutrients, water, and area. it is high-quality to hold good enough spacing between kale and tomatoes.

Cabbage family plants (close Proximity)

While a few cabbage circles of relatives vegetation like cabbage and Brussels sprouts may be well matched with kale, planting them too close together can boom the risk of diseases and pests that affect each plant’s life. adequate spacing and rotation are critical when developing those plants collectively.


Corn is a tall and heavy feeder which can compete with kale for nutrients in the soil. Planting corn too close to kale can bring about a stunted boom and decreased productivity for both vegetations.


Fennel produces a chemical compound referred to as anethole, that may inhibit the growth of neighboring plants, consisting of kale. keep away from planting fennel close to kale to save you capability terrible results.

Dill (in extra)

While small quantities of dill can appeal to useful bugs to assist manipulate pests, planting an excessive amount of dill near kale may additionally appeal to greater pests than can be controlled, potentially inflicting damage to the kale plant life.


Raspberry and blackberry plant life can spread aggressively and compete for sources, probably overshadowing and outcompeting kale plant life. it is really helpful to preserve them at a distance from kale.


Peppers have particular nutrient requirements and may deplete the soil of sure factors that kale needs for top-quality boom. keep away from planting peppers too near kale to make certain the right nutrient availability.

Parsley (in excess)

Even as small amounts of parsley can appeal to useful bugs, immoderate parsley plantings can color and compete with kale, inhibiting its growth.

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Note, those are standard pointers, and the compatibility between flowers can vary primarily based on specific growing situations and individual plant needs. watching your lawn and experimenting with partner planting mixtures will assist you decide the nice companions for your kale crop.

Finally About Kale Companion Plants

Associate planting is a powerful tool in the arms of gardeners, allowing them to create numerous and harmonious ecosystems that benefit their kale plants and the general health of their lawns. By incorporating that 24 kale partner plant life into your lawn, you can decorate the growth, shield against pests, enhance soil fertility, and create a visually beautiful and ample kale harvest. test, observe, and adapt your associate planting method to fit your specific lawn situations, and enjoy the bountiful rewards of a thriving kale associate lawn.

Kale Companion Plants Questions (FAQ)

What plants well with kale?

Plants that work properly with kale include beets, nasturtiums, dill, celery, borage, chamomile, marigolds, carrots, onions, garlic, peas, cabbage, spinach, Swiss chard, mint, radishes, cilantro, beans, sunflowers, oregano, rosemary, yarrow, tomatoes, and sage.

What plants to avoid with kale?

It is exceptional to avoid planting strawberries, pole beans, tomatoes (in near proximity), fennel, raspberries/blackberries, peppers, parsley (in extra), and sure cabbage family flora (if no longer well spaced) near kale.

Is kale a good companion plant?

Kale is a great companion plant. It advantages from associate planting as it is able to enhance its growth, deter pests, enhance soil fertility, attract useful insects, offer coloration, and provide overall help.

Can kale be planted next to onions?

Kale can be planted next to onions. Onions are suitable companions for kale as they repel pests like aphids, slugs, and cabbage worms, that can damage kale plants.

Can garlic grow next to kale?

Garlic can develop subsequent to kale. Garlic has comparable pest-repelling properties to onions and might assist beat back pests, improving the health of kale plant life.




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