Personal life story of football player Lionel Messi

FootballerLionel Messi is an Argentine considered as one of the best players of the modern generation. Lionel Messi Play for FC Barcelona and the Argentinian team. The FIFA World Player of the Year has won four victories (a record already). He was often described as Diego Maradona’s successor, as he scored an extremely successful goal and was able to haggle against opponents.

Personal Life

Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina, on June 24, 1987, into a working-class family. His father was a metalworker and his mother a housekeeper. He started playing very young and his talent soon became obvious. However, at the age of 11, a growth hormone deficiency (GHD) was diagnosed in Messi. This disease retarded growth and required expensive medical treatment, including the use of the human growth hormone drug. His local club, River Plate, wanted to sign Messi, but he did not want to pay for medical care. Messi, however, had a court hearing with Barcelona and coach Carles Rexach was impressed: he offered Messi a contract (written on a paper napkin), which included the payment of Messi’s salary in Spain. Messi moved with his father to Barcelona and became a member of the prestigious FC Barcelona Youth Academy.

Lionel Messi could prevail and made his first appearance in the 2004/05 season. He was the youngest player to score a goal in the league. In 2006, Messi was part of the doubles team that won both the league (Spanish League) and the Champions League. For the next season (2006-2007), Messi was the only 20-year-old striker to be part of the Barcelona squad: he scored 14 goals in 26 league games.

During the 2009/10 season, Messi scored 47 goals in all competitions, which is Ronaldo’s overall record for Barcelona. During the season, Messi continued to improve and set his own records. In the 2012 calendar year, he broke the all-time world record for most calendar-year goals. In 2012, he scored 91 goals, surpassing Gerd Müller’s previous 85-shot record and Pelé’s 75-year-old record in 1958.

Football Career

Since Messi grew up in Spain, he has 11 years of Spanish citizenship. In 2004, he had the opportunity to play for the Spanish National Under-20 Team, but Messi chose Argentina, his country of birth. He led Argentina to victory at the 2005 FIFA World Junior Championship. Messi celebrated his international debut in a friendly against Hungary in August 2005. In his first match, Messi was dismissed for having saying disturbed a player. The decision was controversial and does not correspond to Messi’s style of play, which is generally clear and fair. He was rarely accused of diving.

In 2006, he competed in the World Cup and became the youngest Argentine player to participate in the World Cup. Argentina has retired in the quarterfinals. Messi won an Olympic gold medal for Argentina in football at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. At first, Barcelona did not give him permission to play, but the new coach, Pep Guardiola, gave him a break.

In World Cup 2010, Messi wore jersey 10 and played well to reach the quarter-finals of Argentina. Messi, however, fought for a goal and Argentina lost in the quarter-finals, disappointing 0: 4 against Germany. Messi admitted that he absolutely wanted to participate in a World Cup final. Messi’s success at the World Cup would be the definitive proof of his size. Pelé, on the other hand, was among the triple winners of the Brazilian world championships ’58, ’62 and ’70. Messi is widely regarded as one of the most exciting players of the modern era, at any age. He has an unparalleled ability to dribble and face opponents. Maradona described his control of the ball as extremely good. “The ball stays in his foot”. I have seen some great players in my career, but I have never seen anyone with Messi’s ball control. “Messi said he wanted to enjoy the way a child plays football.

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