chocolate brands in india | Top 15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands Name in India

Chocolate Brands in India This is basically the main topic of today’s poster. This country has many top chocolate brands and flavors that can satisfy every sweet craving. This post is about some such Indian chocolate brands. Why do you like to eat chocolate? Almost everyone takes these irresistible delicacies as ideal gifts. Besides, it is unmatched to express love and wishes to your near and dear ones on all special occasions. Customization available is combined with various other gift items to create a heart-melting chocolate bouquet.

We have compiled a list of top fifteen most popular chocolate brand names in India in this post. So without further delay let’s know more about it below.

Top 15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands Name in India

chocolate brands in india

Nestle Chocolates

Nestlé is the parent company of Kit Kat, Milkibar and Bar One. Popular for its breakfast cereals and Maggi noodles. People of all ages love the famous Kit Kat bars. Usually those are crispy wafer fingers coated in chocolate. And what is considered to be the best chocolate ever is as follows.

Cadbury Chocolates

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates are the best chocolates in India. Ranked among the world’s largest chocolate brands They use locally harvested cacao. Their factories in India manufacture the following chocolates.

1.Dairy Milk
3.Oreo Biscuits

Parle Chocolates

Parle chocolate is from Belgium. They are known for their premium dark cocoa chocolate flavor. The brand offers biscuits and sweets. So characteristic of this famous chocolate flavor.

Some of the popular chocolate brands:
2.Hide & Seek
3.Kaccha Mango Bite

Amul Chocolates

Amul chocolates are an essential addition to any chocolatier’s list. Gujarat founded Amul in 1956. It is one of the oldest and popular dairy companies in India.

The company manufactures:
1.Amul Wafer Chocolates
2.Chocolate Syrup
3.Amul Chocozoo
4.Amul Rejoice Assorted Chocolates

Mars Chocolates

Mars produces brand chocolate, chewing gum and mints. It also makes Snickers chocolate bars consisting of caramel, peanuts and milk.

The chocolates produced:
1.Mars bar
3.Milky Way
7.(3 Musketeers)

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate is one of the top chocolate brands in the world. They make Kinderjoy. It is also known as a favorite chocolate brand for kids. Ferrero Rocher chocolate has a distinct flavor. Which is layered with crunchy and creamy hazelnut filling.

Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Hazelnut chocolate truffle

Lotus Chocolates

Lotus Chocolates produces a range of high-quality chocolates that are well-known.

Their offerings include Lotus:
1.Lotus Milk Chocolate
2.Choco Drops
3.Lotus Cocoa powder
4.Lotus Dark Chocolate
5.Choco Drops
6.Choco Slab

Campco Chocolates

Campco Chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate brands in India. Its manufacturing base is located in Karnataka. They source cacao locally to maintain the original chocolate taste. The Campco brand offers a variety of chocolates.

Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Campo soft and silky chocolate
2.Campo sugar-free chocolate
3.Campo dark chocolate

Hershey Chocolates

Hershey is one of the best chocolate brands in India. It manufactures Brookside’s dark chocolate brand. The brand is famous for its unique taste. Not only that it also manufactures minis and bars, syrups and candies.

Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.
2.Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars
3.Hershey’s White Creme with Almonds Bar

Pacari Chocolates

Pacari is one of the most popular chocolate companies in India and around the world. The brand is famous for producing 100% cacao chocolate. They are considered to be the best dark chocolate in the world. Those looking for low sugar or sugar-free chocolate alternatives. They can benefit from Pacari Chocolate. Because they are rich in antioxidants.

Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Goldenberry chocolate
2.Lemongrass chocolate
3.Passion fruit chocolate
4.Chili exotic chocolate with cacao

Lotte Chocolates

Along with the lip-smacking taste of Lotte Chocolate. Hence it has also become one of the most popular chocolate brands in India.

Some of the Lotte chocolate brands include:
2.Lacto King
3.Coffee Bite
4.Lotte Eclairs

Lindt Chocolates

Lindt brand can be said to be full of perfect balance of taste. It produces some of the smoothest chocolates with up to 70% pure cocoa.

Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
2.Lindt 99% Cocoa Dark Noir Absolu Chocolate
3.Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Chocolate
4.Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Dark Supreme Noir Chocolate

Toblerone Chocolates

Toblerone chocolate has been tantalizing taste buds for over a century. The best quality ingredients like milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar, honey and almonds are used. Hence, they are different among the best premium chocolates available.

The Toblerone chocolates come in three delicious flavors:
1.Toblerone Milk Chocolate
2.Toblerone Fruit and Nut Chocolate
3.Toblerone White Chocolate with Honey

Ghirardelli Chocolates

Ghirardelli produces a famous and delicious chocolate flavor. They use only the best quality ingredients to make their chocolates.
Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Intense Dark
2.Squares chocolate
3.Prestige chocolate bars

Fabelle Chocolates

Fabel Chocolates is the most popular in India for its premium quality chocolates. The brand has gained fame for its manufactured chocolates. And that makes them a top choice for health-conscious people.

Their chocolate varieties include:
1.Fruit & Nut bar
2.Luxury Chocolates
3.Dessert collection
4.Fabelle Dark Chocolate Mousse

Last words

Hope everyone is aware of the top chocolate names in India. Impress your loved ones with the chocolates listed above! Make chocolate combos and personalize the wrapping paper and box. You can buy these famous chocolates from both online and offline stores. Thanks everyone visit this website regularly to get more necessary posts.

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